There is always excitement when a player breaks out to have a great year and most people draft in the following year thinking that production will continue.  All to often it does not, leaving you with a dud high draft pick and another year drowning your fantasy sorrows.  With this in mind, here are a few players who may not live up to the hype they created for themselves in 2011:

  • Victor Cruz – He won’t fall off the map, but defenses will start to key on him, which they didn’t in 2011.  The Patriots essentially shut him down in the Super Bowl with their lousy secondary, do you think nobody noticed?
  • Cam Newton – My guess is he either gets hurt and is not as productive or teams take away the run and force him to throw which limits his productivity from 2011.
  • Michael Turner – he’s 29 this coming season and is showing signs of wear and tear.  Do you want to risk taking him in the 2nd round and having him fall apart on you?
  • Frank Gore – Ditto
  • Michael Bush – Good RB but Run DMC will be back and although he’s an injury risk, he’s better than Bush and will get the starting nod?
  • Steve Smith – He’ll be 33 next season, do you really think he can hit the top 10 one more time?
  • Rob Gronkowski – Ok, he’ll still be a stud, but there is absolutely no way he gets as near as many TDs as he did last season.
  • Tony Gonzalez – He’ll be 35 next season.

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